Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ego dilecto meo, et dilectus meus.

One of Robert’s Rules states: No one understands anyone else’s marriage.

As with all of Robert’s Rules, a moment’s consideration demonstrates the Rule's veracity. You will immediately see that it applies to most couples you know. She’s happy with him? He puts up with her? They live like that?

But even beyond those examples where application of the Rule seems self-evident, the fact is that all those couples you think are exceptions to this Rule are not exceptions at all. It’s just that the Rule applies to them with such force, and your misapprehension of their relationship is so complete, that you simply don’t know what you don’t know.

Here? Imagine a happy mash up of “I Love Lucy” (with the ethnicities inverted) and “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” (with pork standing in for lamb), with Paul of Tarsus as screenwriter.


  1. SWMBO is not reading this, is she?

  2. Of course she is, Miggy. She's in on the deal. Which is, ya know, handy in a marriage.

    Thing is, Paul is not using the words -- Greek words, as it happens -- the way 21st century people -- especially those who are opposed to this notion of marriage -- may want to read them. He used the words kephale, which we are translating as "head," and huptasso which we carry as "submit."

    The headship he talks about is servant leadership. And the submission he's talking about is in the meaning of one who "yields in love." (And you've MET Josie, does she seem meek or oppressed to YOU?)

    Even so, I suppose some folks will be bugged at the notion that a household (ours for example) has ANY variety of leader. Those folks being bugged comes under another one of Robert's Rules I'll discuss sometime.

  3. Never marry a Southern Woman, they are all sweetness and molasses... even when they are pulling the trigger of the shotgun and giving you a free bris.
    Mazel Tov y'all!

    25 blissful years next June!)

    PS: She forced me to write that last part.